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Specialists in management and import, export operation processes and distribution of raw, industrial, agricultural materials and manufactured products.

Vequis Trading

Vequis operates at all stages of the supply chain and in foreign trade operations. Our business model is based on sourcing, importing, exporting, distribution and services, as well as fiscal and tax planning. We have also established strategic alliances with partners to provide the necessary flexibility for operations and to structure financial products such as: currency hedges, import loan - FINIMP, Letters of Credit, among others.

Areas of expertise

Agricultural Commodities
  • Grains
  • Cotton
  • Sugar
  • Ferrous
  • Non ferrous
  • Steels and alloys
  • Electronics
  • Textiles
  • Chemicals
  • Food & Beverage
Management and Financing
  • By order
  • Account and order
Stock management
  • Finished products
  • Raw material


Imports by order of

Vequis promotes the importation of goods acquired abroad in order to resell them to its customer, the Purchaser company. In this mode, in addition to structuring and managing the entire import chain, Vequis is responsible for closing the exchange rate to the exporter and also for all transaction expenses. Through its partnerships with leading financial institutions, Vequis is able to structure the best financing conditions and offer its clients the most diverse options for financial products such as: currency hedging, commodity hedging and structured operations with fixed prices in Reais.
  • Modality regulated by legislation: MP 2.158/01, IN 1.861/18;
  • The importation is made with Vequis own resources;
  • Vequis purchases the goods and resells them only to the Purchaser company;
  • Vequis issues Sale Invoice of goods;
  • The customer posts the credit memo of ICMS, IPI and PIS/COFINS taxes declared in Vequis's Sale Invoice;
  • It is essential that the client be qualified in the Federal Revenue Secretariat's RADAR.

Imports on behalf of

Vequis promotes, on its behalf, the importation of goods acquired by its customers abroad. In this mode, Vequis can perform from customs clearance, international and national logistics, insurance and other services related to the operational flow of importation, while the Purchaser has the option of promoting, on its own account, the exchange closing with the exporter, advance funds for payment of expenses and taxes, or contract financing with Vequis.
  • Modality regulated by federal legislations: MP 2.158 / 01, IN 247/02 and IN 1.861/18;
  • The importation can be done with customer resources or Vequis own resources;
  • Vequis has only temporary possession of the goods;
  • Vequis issues Outgoing Invoice (transmission of possession / remittance);
  • The client posts the credit memo of State Tax on the Circulation of Goods and Services (ICMS) and Tax on Manufactured Products (IPI) declared at Vequis' invoice, in addition to the customs clearance Social Integration Program (PIS)/Social Contribution on Revenues (COFINS) taxes;
  • It is essential that the client be qualified in the Federal Revenue Secretariat's RADAR.


Vequis has a complete infrastructure to meet all the needs of its customers, providing complete management of processes in its various aspects:

Operational Services

Fully committed to Vequis customer operations, the Operational Department has a dedicated team specialized in third-party process management, providing all necessary assistance to customers and constantly providing follow-up reports, lead time, performance, quality, among others. In addition, Vequis has its own logistics area, qualifying and managing all suppliers involved in international trade and local distribution operations, in order to present its clients with the ideal provider according to demand and requirements of each operation.

Finance and Trade Finance

In order to meet the financial needs of its customers, Vequis has established partnerships with reputable national and international institutions, seeking the best conditions in all operations in which it participates. In this way, we offer efficient structured models and financial solutions, adding value to the business. Therefore, our objective is based on the constant pursuit of cost reduction, in the management of import and export processes, through financial products designed specifically for each client and for each type of operation.

Fiscal, Tax and Controlling

In order to deal with the tax peculiarities of each product, state and mode of operation, Vequis has a team dedicated to assisting in all tax planning of import operations. In addition, this cell also focuses on issuing the appropriate Invoices from operations, and has a team of tax specialists to ensure that tax structuring, commodity classifications and issuance of invoices occur in an agile and detailed manner.


Vequis has legal advice specialized in foreign trade, responsible for the formulation of contracts, representation in claims and defenses with the Brazilian regulatory agencies, as well as all necessary legal formalization in the operations managed by the company.
This structure is made available to the customer from the analysis phase of contracts and processes, giving agility and total legal basis to the architectural operational design.

KPI Management

Through internal infrastructure, Vequis is able to manage all the steps, risks and bureaucracies involved in an international trade operation, aiming at optimizing terms and reducing costs. Vequis will provide detailed reports for each import process:
•Cost sheet;
•Clearance and deferral performance reports;
•Process monitoring reports.

Qualification and Management of Service Providers

By identifying logistics partners with the best performance and costs in the market, Vequis presents and coordinates for its customers the ideal supplier, according to the demand and requirements for processes.
In order to ensure the punctuality and compliance with the deadlines established with its customers, Vequis maintains intense contact with the logistics service providers involved in the entire operation. From the time of order, Vequis initiates a regular follow-up to ensure all documentation is in order and that the cargo is available for shipment at the agreed time. Thus, it is able to keep the customer always updated, providing him with the necessary information for decision making and supplier evaluation.

Cost control

It is essential for Vequis that its customers are always in agreement with the costs involved in each step of the supply chain and, therefore, Vequis always seeks to provide the best conditions obtained in the market, constantly conducting a benchmarking process between the various partners.
Transparency in the processes is a fundamental aspect in the company's relationships with its customers and, in order to strengthen this relationship, Vequis prepares, for each invoiced process, a complete electronic dossier with all documentation and receipt of payment, which will be sent to the customer at the end of each delivery.

Operations Mapping

Together we propose to evaluate the current operation and seek in the medium-term synergies and new ideas within the logistic/tax/financial focus, so that we can make recommendations for improvements in terms of time and costs within the current challenging environment of the Brazilian market. Vequis reiterates that it is fully capable of meeting the entire scope of operations, assuming all responsibilities inherent to business management.

Information Technology

We rely on the best market solutions in the areas of systems, infrastructure and information security to provide quality, agility and privacy to our customers and business partners. We are prepared to provide the details of each operation, as well as fully electronic customizable information, which can even implement systemic integrations.


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